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'In a Relationship'

by Meghann on March 8, 2010

It’s official! I am now a proud card carrying gym member.


After a week of ‘dating,’ I decided my gym and I had a real future together. This afternoon our Facebook status went from ‘It’s Complicated’ to ‘In a Relationship.’ Hopefully the status change will be a permanent one!

If not, that’s fine too! I signed a month-to-month contract and as long as I give so many days notice, I can drop at any time. Sweet!

I celebrated the new relationship change with a short swim after work. Unfortunately, by the time I made my way to the pool all the lanes were full. :( I ended up sharing a lane with an adorable little girl who told me she was practicing her synchronized swimming. We had a contest to see who could swim the farthest without coming for air – I won 2 out of 3. :)

Before I left the office, I fueled up with a homemade granola bar.


Yesterday, I discovered these individual portions of minute brown rice and knew they would come in handy for quick and easy meals during the week.



The directions could not have been easier: remove film and microwave on high for 60 seconds.


The rice was a great base for the Mexican themed dish I had in mind.

Once the rice was heated I added it to a mix of black beans, carrot, onion, corn, and spinach mix I had cooking on the stove top.


Once everything was heated I topped the Mexican rice mix with avocado, olives, and blue corn chips.


The meal came together in less than 5 minutes, but you would never know it from tasting it. It was full of flavor, spice, and the chips gave each bite a great crunch. Yum.


The freezer produced one of Amanda’s Blondies for dessert.


Does anyone watch House? Tonight’s episode featured a blogger who was dealing with a mysterious illness. My favorite quote from the show had to be when the girl turns to her boyfriend and says “I wish you were a blogger so I would know what you’re thinking. ” That line made me chuckle. :)

TIme for sleep.

Good night!

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