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Cheering on the Princesses

by Meghann on March 7, 2010

A BIG CONGRATS to all the lovely Princesses who ran the Disney Princess Half this morning!


You ladies ROCK! and it was a pleasure to cheer each and everyone of you on! :)

Derek and I ended up staying up way too late last night which meant 3:30am came way too early this morning. We were like zombies making our way to Disney World for our 4:45am check in at the volunteer tent.


We nearly kissed the ground when we discovered the hot beverage station set up for volunteers. Four cups of highly caffeinated hot tea later I was ready to cheer on some princesses!


Upon arrival we were immediately hooked up with a snack pack.



And a nifty lime green shirt.


I came prepared with the sign. ;)


Derek and I were officially signed up to be Screaming Fans inside Epcot. I knew from my previous screaming fan volunteer experience (recap here) this meant our job would be to stand on the sidelines and scream and cheer each and every runner on. I was particularly looking forward to cheering on the wonderful bloggers and readers I had lunch with yesterday (including my sister!!).

We had a bit of a wait so I dug into the Almond Butter & Pumpkin Butter Sandwich I had packed myself last night.


I pre-packed a lunch sack for the two of us last night. We nibbled our way through the bag of snacks throughout the morning.

My share included an apple


and a homemade granola bar


Around 5:30 our team leader gathered us up and we began the 30 minute trek to our cheer spot inside Epcot. We were placed about a quarter mile from the end; sandwiched somewhere between spaceship earth and mile 13.



We had time to kill before the first cyclists and runners came by so I snuck up to mile 13 and caught a sneak beak of the end.


Loved the storyboard mile markers! :)

About an hour after the official start of the race the first cyclist passed us.


And then the first runners.



In true princess fashion, the women dominated the entire race! The first male didn’t pass by until the first women had been long gone.


I took my job title of ‘screaming fan’ very seriously!


I got quite a few looks and comments on my sign. I think it was a hit! I even had a few runners recognize me! Thanks for saying Hi ladies!!


Derek rocked it out as well!


The first familiar face to stroll by was Princess Gina.



She was kicking butt and taking names. Go Gina!!


Princess Kate (whom I met yesterday) was next and I was so excited to get this killer photo of her.



Of course my camera went crazy as soon as I saw my sister come around the corner! I only managed to get this one shot of her.


She surprised me by wearing a tutu! She looked ADORABLE and was kicking butt. Go Kelly!

Kelly’s official chip time was 1:51:37!! A NEW PR!!!!! I was so proud! :) Next year we are going to run this race together in full princess get up. Right, Kelly? ;)

Stay tuned because Kelly took some video during the race and has granted Inner Workings.. with the exclusive rights to debut the finished product.

Ashley passed us a little while later looking strong and on her way to a new PR!


Despite having just finished the Gasparilla marathon last weekend, she decided last minute to run the Princess today. She looked great and as always was full of smiles. :)


I was surprised to see quite a few princesses pass by sporting their Gasparilla Marathon finisher shirts from last Sunday. The reason why I had not registered for the princess half was the fact it took place the weekend after Gasparilla. However, if I had known before that my legs would be feeling so great after the race, then I would have registered in a heart beat. I promise next year i will be running this race no matter what!

Megan was the final runner I was able to get a photo of that I recognized.


Yesterday she was scared out of her mind and today she was on cloud nine heading to the finish line. Megan is proof that fear has no place on race day! Believe in yourself and everything else will just slide into place – I promise!



Four hours of cheering our little hearts out later, the last runners made their way to the finish line.


And with that the Princess Half was officially over.

We packed up and made our own way to the finish line.



I know we didn’t exactly run the race, but it was still exciting to walk under the princess themed finish line.



The main perk of volunteering for Disney races?!?

The free park pass you earn at the end!


I’m going to save that baby for something special. ;)

All morning I had been promising Derek a big meal once we were done with our shift. When that time came we wasted no time heading downtown and checking out what Hue’s brunch menu had to offer.


We started with a bread basket.


I was starving and immediately dove in.


For brunch I ordered the veggie scramble with egg whites and a side of potatoes.


Derek had the chocolate chip pancakes.



And was happy to share with me. :)


I am now in desperate need of a nap. I have been up since 3:30am and have no voice. Big, comfy bed – here I come!

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