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Core Fusion & Amy's Bread

by Meghann on February 12, 2010

Welcome to my last day in NYC!

If all goes according to plan I should be back in Florida by this evening. Its been fun NYC, but I’ve got plans this weekend that can simply not be missed. :)

My friend Dori has been taking part in a Core Fusion Challenge where she committed to taking exhale’s Core Fusion classes 4-5 times a week for 30 days. She has seen great results and has fallen in love with the class. And since I just happened to be stuck in NYC a little longer than expected she invited me to join a Core Fusion class this morning.

CF 005.jpg

Missy from Missy Maintains joined us as well. After a year of reading her blog it was great to finally have the chance to meet her!

CF 004.jpg

Bloggers are always so much shorter than I imagined. I pictured Missy as 5’6″ or 5’7″ but she was just as tall as me!

CF 007.jpg

Core Fusion is a toning class that incorporates pilates, weights, and other various forms of works outs for an intense hour session of sweat. The class was a challenge and I was literally shaking at the end.

Our class was small with only 4 people and I appreciated the one on one attention provided by the instructor who made sure to introduce herself and learn all our names before class. She was really encouraging and high spirited.

Apparently they opened some studios in South Florida and are expanding. If they ever make there way to Orlando I will be sure to sign up! In the mean time Dori gave me a DVD that will be sure to kick my booty in the comfort of my own living room!

Many thanks to Dori and Missy for introducing me to Core Fusion! Loved it ladies!

After the class my Mom and I headed to Chelsea Market for our last breakfast together at Amy’s Bread.


All the selections looked tasty and my Mom and I couldn’t wait to place out orders, but thats about as far as our excitement went.

First of all my Mom tried to order the Manhatten Breakfast special which came with two twists, a jam, and a coffee. The lady that took our order must have misunderstood her because despite there being a lovely basket of twists right in front of us, she told us they were out and only had baguettes? My Mom gave up and got a muffin instead.

Then my Mom ordered a coffee and I ordered a medium black tea. We paid, a coffee was sat in front of and the lady said our cappuccino would be ready in a minute.

Capp-a- what? We didn’t order a cappuccino.

The lady then proceeded to tell us we did and the whole situation turned into a game of ‘he said/she said.’ She was not going down without a fight.

This is the point where I looked down and saw the $3.50 charge for a cappuccino on my receipt. I asked for a refund and the lady continued to argue with me that she was giving us free coffee (we had already paid for the one coffee) and that it was only a 75 cent difference (the tea was $1.10) so there would be no refund. Oh and did I mention she was still saying that she was right, we were wrong, and she was rolling her eye the whole time. The nerve!

Finally a manager stepped in and told the lady to get my tea and he would refund the money. Not once did he apologize, nor did he even offer us the tea on the house. Instead he gave us the $2.75 difference between the tea and the cappucino and told us to move out of the line so that other customers could pay.

I was fuming!! And THEN the lady brought me the tea and had the NERVE to ask me if I had paid for the tea before handing it over! I quickly grabbed the tea and ran out of the place stating I was never coming back again.

I then immediately tweeted about the incident and fought every urge inside of me to go back inside and throw my scone at the lady. I swear I am usually a calm and rational person, but the whole experience left me so angry. I think what made it worse was that my Mom , who is so sweet and doesn’t have a rude bone in her body, was almost in tears by the way they were treating us. I would have done anything possible in that moment just to defend my Mom. They had no right to make her that upset.

To top it all off the scone I had ordered was actually really scrumptious.


Such a shame as I am never stepping foot in an Amy’s Bread again.

Sorry, I just had to vent about the whole situation. I’m actually still really mad about everything. What an awful sour note to leave NYC on. I will try not to let it let me down.

Instead I will focus on the fact that I will get to see Derek in a a few more hours. That is a much happier thought!

Adios New York! Its been fun and I promise to visit again very soon!!!!

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