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Crazy Race Announcement

by Meghann on January 27, 2010

I guess you can say I’m still on a high from my marathon earlier this month because last night I officially registered for something a little crazy…



That’s right during the weekend of February 27th & 28th I have signed up to run the 5k, 15k, and FULL marathon for Gasparilla weekend; otherwise known as the Michelob Light Challenge!

Last year I ran the Bud Light Challenge which consists of the 5k, 15k, and half marathon (recap Part 1 & Part 2). I originally planned on completing that challenge again, but when a friend told me her goal for the full marathon I instantly volunteered to pace her and decided to run the full on Sunday rather than the half.

This is the last year Gasparilla will offer the full marathon, so this is the last chance I have to participate in this particular challenge. I think it will be fun to look back and say that I ran the last full marathon Gasparilla had to offer.

I know you’re thinking I’m nuts. I know you’re thinking I just finished a full marathon weeks ago. And I know you’re wondering how the hell I’m going to do this. So, let me break it down here.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on back to back marathons and as far as I can tell as long as you give your body a chance to recover – but not lose all your training – then it is perfectly acceptable to run a marathon 6 weeks apart from each other.

I don’t plan to PR or run full out on any of the Gasparilla races and instead plan to have fun. Really the only goal I have is to help my friend pace to achieve her goal of under 4:30.

My friend just completed Disney as well and is still listening to her body to see if it is giving her the go ahead on another marathon. Until she officially signs up I am going to keep her identity a secret. Shhh… ;)

To help prepare for the races I have been working with the amazing Megan from Bites of the Apple on compiling a plan that will help me reach my goals.

Megan qualified for Boston earlier this month and really had some great advice. I am hoping she will also help me in the fall when I plan to start training to qualify myself *fingers crossed*

Megan introduced me to McMillan’s Pace calculator and I have to say that I’m obsessed!


You enter your goal for any distance and the calculator spits out what pace you should be training at.


For instance my recovery runs should be done at a 11:49 pace and my tempo intervals should be completed at 9:15 if I am training to run a 4:30 marathon. Love, Love, Love having those numbers laid out in front of me!

Since I plan to pace my friend at 4:30, I will be training for the marathon as if I was running 4:15 just to make sure I have enough energy in me to encourage her along the way.

With those paces in mind Megan designed a great plan for me.

(Click to enlarge)


FebGasparilla copy

I officially started the plan today


According to my pace calculator my ‘steady pace’  should be between 9:14 and 9:30.

This morning I did a warm up mile, 5 miles averaging a 9:15 pace and a cool down mile for a total of 7. It felt great! In fact I had to work hard not to let my pace get to fast. A lot of times my legs were dying to run 8:30!

I am really excited about this new plan! Having a plan keeps me focused and confident come race time. With this plan I know I will kick booty at the challenge.

Thanks Megan for all the help! You are a running lifesaver!!

During my run I was really craving toast with almond butter!


After my shower I had two pieces of toast slathered with almond butter, pumpkin butter, flax seed, and pom.


On the side I had a lovely bowl of oranges, kiwi, and more pom.


A delicious breakfast!

I’ve been grinning ear to ear all morning thinking about my upcoming challenge. These races are going to rock! :)

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