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Frigid Temps

by Meghann on January 5, 2010

Poor Maddie.

I woke up in the middle of the night to poor Maddie shivering beside me. While I had the luxury of draping myself with three blankets, Maddie refused to join me under them. (I think she has a fear of finding her self trapped under them)

I got up and dressed her in her little pink sweater, her coat and threw a towel in the dryer to give her something warm to lay on. I think she slept much better after that. :)

When my alarm did go off at 5:30 it was 55 degrees inside my apartment (36 degrees outisde with wind chill factor of 28!) – yikes! I immediately put the heat on and sipped hot water while slowly getting dressed and ready for my run.

I was dreading running in this frigid air! As a Florida runner, I am never prepared to run in the cold. Originally, I had set out to do 6, right before the run I settled on 4 and once I was out the door I compromised on 5. :)

The 5 weren’t that bad, I think the thought of running in freezing temps is a lot worse than actually running in them.

Breakfast bowl of yumminess


[me] & goji were kind enough to offer another free sample of their delicious customized cereal for me to sample. (original review found here)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – [me] & goji is by far my FAVORITE customized cereal out there! It’s overloaded with the mix-ins of your choice and just a great, well-balanced little company.

I shall call this batch of customized cereal ‘Meghann’s Fruity Crunch’


Meghann’s Fruity Crunch contains flaxed and flaked, multigrain os, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, choco goji, goldenberry, apple, mulberry, chia and walnut,


My bowl also contained a dollop of preserves I received from Crofter’s Organic.


Each superfruit spread was very unique in its fruit combinations. I had a tough time deciding which to choose, but ended up with




In other news, my congested head and sore throat are feeling much better now. Nothing like a little humidity to put my head in a better mood. *knock on wood* ;)

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