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So Long St. Louis

by Meghann on December 9, 2009

I’m back!

Sorry for my lack of a real post yesterday, but after a very long day all I wanted was sleep. I hope you understand. :)

Yesterday was another cold day in St. Louis. We had plenty of rain through out the day, but unfortunately no snow. Bummer!

Before we had to report for duty at 8:30am my supervisor and I met for breakfast at a little grab and go diner by the hotel.


For breakfast I ordered a small stack of Blueberry Pancakes that came with ‘homemade honey fruit butter’ (wasn’t a fan) and syrup that I lightly drizzled on top. Probably used about a 1/4 of the syrup container?


These pancakes were quite scrumptious! I couldn’t believe how good they were and went and and on about them as I ate them. Big yum!

I combatted the early morning cold weather with a very strong hot breakfast tea alongside my breakfast.


I think I overloaded on hot tea during this trip. After finishing this gigantic cup I had a refill and another equally sized cup in the afternoon, not to mention the two large teas I had this morning. My stomach is officially tea-ed out at the moment.

Day 2 of working the booth was a lot less imitating than day one. I was able to get all the important information out about our product and even conducted my own demo. Woop Woop.

One of my co-workers informed me I should be a sales person because of my upbeat outgoing personality. I let out a little laugh and told her I’m such a softie – I could never close a deal!

The floor is rough, but at least I was comfortable all day in our adorable t-shirts.


If you are going to be on your feet working a booth, t-shirts and jeans are the way to go! I felt awful for the people in full suits or heels!

Around 10:00 am I pulled out a snack of yogurt & pineapple I had picked up on the way into the convention center.


Such a wonderful, refreshing snack.


When lunchtime rolled around, a co-worker and I headed to a local market to pick up food for our crew.


The Culinarian is a fabulous upscale grocery market with a full out deli that had made to order subs, pizzas, salads, a hot bar, soup, and anything else you could impossibly imagine. They were quick at handing back your orders and despite being very busy there was no line. I would love to live next door to one of these babies!


I went with a soup and sandwich combo.

White Chicken Chili


1/2 the Vegetarian Pannini


Everything was hot and filling. Perfect.

An uneventful afternoon lull led to some of this.



Over the course of the two days we had made friends with our surrounding exhibitors. It was nice to get to know people from around the country and learn a little bit about the products they had to offer.

Plus, they were game for building an arch which is always funs.


Unfortunately our skills weren’t up to par and it all came tumbling down. Such a shame.


At 4:00pm the exhibit hall closed and we were free! Woopeee!!!

My first tradeshow was quite an experience. I’m not sure if I will have an opportunity to work another one, but after a year of preparing the materials for my sales team to attend them it was nice to finally experience how they work in person.

With the little free time we had during our trip, my co-workers thought it was time to finally explore the city a little.

First I snacked on a granola bar I received in a race grab bag the other week.


I ate about half and it was ok. The fruity flavor was a bit too much for me. If the bar came in a peanut butter or chocolate flavor it might have been a different story.

To the arch we went!






We didn’t discover until we made it to the base that you could take a tram to the top. How could we resist?


Space pod anyone?


It was close quarters for the four of us and a very interesting shaky ride up.


The top was just a very narrow hallway with tiny windows on each side.



The view at night was gorgeous!



Back at ground level we headed to Kitchen K for an early dinner.


I could not get over how beautiful this restaurant was. It was designed as an upscale diner and I found myself very impressed with both the decor and food.




A co-worker ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir for the table.


I have determined wine is a must on work trips. ;)


I couldn’t decide what I wanted to I went a little bit of everything.

We started with an order of Sweet Potato Fries that was shared with the table.


These Sweet Potato Fries were fresh cut in the kitchen and just absolutely fabulous.

For warmth I ordered a cup of the Butternut Squash Bisque.


It was a bit sweet for me, but was very rich, creamy, and delicious.

For my main course I selected the Mediterranean Trio option from the appetizer menu.


The hummus was just alight, but the olive tapenade more than made up for it.

Finally, the meal came to an end with a huge slice of Carrot Cake that was shared by the four of us.


A great meal to end our trip with.

Everyone else headed back to the hotel, but I had a date with a couple of local blog readers.


Iga and Karla are both in school in St. Louis and it was fabulous chatting with them. Thanks again ladies for making the trek to downtown! It was great meeting both of you!

While chatting I slowly sipped on a Fat Tire.


I really debated ordering a colorful fruity drink, but none of them appealed to me. I am just too much of a beer and wine girl to ever want to order anything else. :)

I attempted to blog last night, but the 4:30 am wake up call was just too much to bare. Instead I opted to crawl into bed and ensure a full night of sleep.

4:30am came and went in a blur. We made it to the airport without any delays and were greeted with no line at the check-in desk.

Breakfast was consumed in the airport at the best option they had – a bagel place by our gate.


I had a whole wheat bagel with a side of fruit. I asked for the bagel plain and slather one side with Strawberry Jelly and the other with a packet of Barney Butter I had brought with me from home.


I am sooo ready to be home. Less than an hour and I’ll be safe and sound in good ole Central Florida.

Don’t worry Maddie, Mommy is almost there!

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