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The Return of Office Treat Week

by Meghann on November 18, 2009

I believe I forgot to mention its Treat Week again in my office.

This time Treat Week is in celebration of Thanksgiving. As a general rule the office is a ghost town the actual week of Thanksgiving, so we are celebrating this week instead. (By the way still can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week!)

The cake I brought in on Monday just happened to perfectly coincide with Treat Week; therefore I like to consider it my thoughtful my contribution. Yesterday a co-worker brought in cookies and pastries and today we hit the motherload of goodies.


We’ve got homemade fudge, pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins, banana nut bread, bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, and unpictured chicken minis that disappeared minutes after being set down.

Out of all the treats can you believe it was the bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos that caught my attention?


They are from a new new bbq joint in town and have been raved about by every co-work that tried one.

Having never tried a stuffed jalapeno ever, I decided what the hell and taste tested one. You only live once, right?


Originally I was expecting a lot of spice and was disappointed by the lack thereof. Other then that it was very chewy and tasty. However, I needed gum asap because the taste did linger in my mouth and my hands smelled like smoked bacon for the next few hours. :)

Thanks to the stuffed jalapeno and my fiberful breakfast, I wasn’t particularly hungry by the time lunch came around nor was I feeling very creative. I was saving my left overs from last night for lunch tomorrow, but since I will be participating in vegan week I decided to dig in today.


The left over Zucchini Pattie became a Zucchini Burger that I topped with marinara sauce and spinach.


And the Yuca fries were still delish with the essential ketchup for dipping.


The lunch was light and just what I needed. Yum!

Have you voted today?!?! Well go! :)

*Oh and I wanted to mention that I am still using the point and shoot camera at work for obvious reason. :)

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