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Only Full Week of November

by Meghann on November 16, 2009

You know what I just realized today? This week is my only full week of work in the month of November. My trip to San Francisco shortened my first two weeks of the month and next week is Thanksgiving. I always knew November was one of my favorite months. ;)

To kick off my first full week this morning I had a serving of Mixed Nuts for a snack.


For lunch I had the rest of my Black Bean Salad from Saturday.


I served the black bean mix over a bed of spinach with plain yogurt and shredded corn tortillas layered on top.


Twas a very delicious & festive lunch. :)


I forgot to bring in my left over cake this morning, so I grabbed it when I was home at lunch and set it out in the main kitchen upon my return.


I grabbed a piece myself to make sure it hadn’t gone bad overnight or anything. ;)


Still good. And I’ve already had a few co-workers comments on the cake and ask for the recipe. Success!

Thanksgiving Challenge Update…

This far I had been very proud of myself on the Thanksgiving Challenge front. Before this weekend I had managed to only spend $25 and some change on food for the month of November. Unfortunately the keywords in that sentence are *before this weekend.* Somehow I lost all of that great control on my finances in the past two days. Le sigh.

Friday night and Saturday morning I was lucky enough to have my Dad treat me to dinner and breakfast out, so neither of those charges were factored in this weekend’s total. However, the combination of eating out on Saturday, the Food & Wine Festival on Sunday and two impromptu visits to Publix more than tripled my total. Ooopss…

As of today – not counting my San Francisco weekend – I have spent a total of $80.04 in the month of November on food. That leaves me with a little less then $20 for the rest of the month which includes a road trip to Tallahassee this weekend and Thanksgiving the following weekend.

Hmmm…. after spending so much money this weekend alone, I’m not sure I’m going to make it. Yikes! I am still going to give it my best effort though – Wish me luck!

Don’t forget you can follow my Thanksgiving Challenge progress here. :)

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