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Are you a Foodie?

by Meghann on November 5, 2009

My Friday has finally come! This time tomorrow I will be on a plane heading to lovely San Francisco. I can’t wait!

This morning I was happy to squeeze in one final 6 mile run before the craziness of the weekend begins.

I completed my 6 mile loop at a 9:22 pace. The weather was sadly a little warmer today as opposed to yesterday, but still better than the ridiculous highs we were experiencing a few weeks ago.

Currently my fridge is looking pretty pathetic in preperation for my coming trip. While scrounging up breakfast I discovered some cantaloupe in the back of the fridge that was on its last legs and needed to be eaten now or thrown out before I went out of town.

I cubed the cantaloupe and topped it with a peanut butter/oikos combination, pom seeds and ½ cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.


The peanut butter addition to the yogurt was my favorite part of the bowl. I think the trick was mixing the peanut butter with the yogurt before adding it. This ensures maximum peanut butter flavor in every yogurt filled bite.


What is a Foodie?

This morning I got a random text message from my brother asking me to define what a foodie is. He had seen the phrase on my blog before, but didn’t realize it was a mainstream term until her heard it on CNN this morning.

I replied simply that ‘a foodie is someone who loves food.’ But I knew that answer was only the half of it.

To me a foodie is someone who not only loves the taste of food, but the experience of it as well. They love to cook, they love to try new things, they love to experiment and they love to talk about food for hours on end.

Under my interpretation I believe I am a foodie. I could cook all day if given the opportunity and I am constantly seeking out new foods to try or new ways to prepare those foods. I love to write about food, I love to read about food, and I love to understand where food comes from and how it effect our bodies. I love food and I love being a foodie.

What is your definition of a foodie? Would you classify yourself as one?

P.S. Only two more days to get your votes in for the Sam-e Good Mood Blogger!!!

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