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Race For the Taste: Derek's First 10k

by Meghann on October 11, 2009

We did it!!!


Operation Derek’s First 10k was a complete success and I couldn’t be prouder. :)

The morning started as all race mornings do. We were up at an ungodly hour for a Sunday morning to make it to the race site before the 6:15 parking cut off time.

On the way out the door I made Derek and I Almond Butter & Dark Chocolate Chip Pitas to fuel our bellies.


Welcome to the official start site for Race for the Taste 2009!


When Derek and I ran our 4 miles together a couple of weeks ago he made a comment on how he needed a shirt that said “I try to keep up with my Girlfriend.” His idea got the wheels spinning in my head which lead to this…

IMG_3400.JPG IMG_3401.JPG

I took two tech tees to a local shop and they added the design and copy for me.

Everyone who ran passed us had a good chuckle and we got a couple dozen comments from passer byers stating how great the shirts were. Derek and I were happy to entertain our fellow racers.



We made our way to the start and waited with a few thousand new friends.



Instead of a whistle as a signal for the start of the race, beautiful fireworks flooded the sky. I missed any pictures, but I did get great video I will post later. :)

We started the race with a good crowd. I kept Derek at pace so that he wouldn’t burn out early. We practiced the galloway method and for the first 3 miles we ran 5 minutes then walked for a minute. Along the way we were able to talk and make new friends. Everyone was chatting about the promise of food and drinks at the end. These were my kind of people.

I loved the casual atmosphere of all the runners around us. I’m so used to the competitive nature of races that I forget how much fun they can be when you’re not worried about setting a new PR or being the first to finish. This was just about living the moment and taking the whole experience in. :)


The first mile of the race took us along a few service roads, but eventually we made our way to Hollywood Studios.


It was fun to run behind the scenes and see the park before it opened.



Before we knew it a 5k was already behind us!


And for the first time EVER I stopped during a race and waited while Derek used the restroom.


I waited patiently outside, but I’ll admit I was very antsy to keep running.


My favorite part of the race actually took place between Hollywood Studios and Epcot when we ran around a beautiful lake in the early morning sun.



Derek was doing awesome. The galloway method seemed to be the perfect strategy for him. It was a vast improvement from our last run and I was glowing with pride. Around mile 4 we switched from the 5 min run/ 1 min walk ratio to 2 min run/ 1 min walk.


He was starting to feel the burn, but was pushing through it.


A few times along the race we had one or two runners pass us shouting words of encouragement to Derek. It seems like Derek had formed a little fan club. The shouts of ‘Go Derek” and ‘You can do it” really gave him that extra push when he needed it.


With a little more then a mile left in the race we reached the final stretch of Epcot where we were told to look for the big ball as our end point.


They lied. Turns out the end point was actually .3 miles from the ball; a fact Derek was not happy about.


Nevertheless, we did find the true ending and held hands as we crossed the finish line.


We started the race together and we ended it together! I have to admit finishing the race holding hands ranks up there as one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever had. :)


Our chips times were even identical : 1:24:27

For someone who was worried he wouldn’t make the 15 minute per mile cut off, Derek did freaking awesome! He earned that metal!!




I grabbed a slice of watermelon as we were herded from the finish line.


At the beginning of the race Derek told me he never thought he would be standing next to me waiting for a race in a crowd like that. When we first started seeing each other again last February he always commented on how crazy I was for doing what I do and that he was not a runner. So many months later and here we are goofing off after running our first 10k together.


I asked Derek if he would run one again and he said yes, but not anytime soon. He did however state he wanted to stick with 5Ks and asked me if there were any coming up in the near future. He knows how to melt my heart. :)

There was free food and drinks for the runners, but both of us weren’t interested in anything they were offering. Instead we went home to shower and headed to Dexter’s for Sunday Brunch.


I ordered the French Toast with a side of Fruit.


I think I prefer my french toast with thinner bread. The thicker slices were too bready for me if that’s at all possible?

Derek happily indulged in a humoungous breakfast burrito.


The race left him starved. He said he felt empty and definitely refilled himself by eating the entire burrito in a matter of minutes.

It’s been a busy morning and I fully intend to take the rest of the afternoon off. Derek has already had a headstart. ;)


He earned that snooze!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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