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Rest Day and My First SIAB

by Meghann on October 2, 2009

I have never been more happy to say that Yes, it is finally Friday. :) You have no idea how ready I am for the weekend.

Fridays are great because not only am I one step closer to two splendid days away from my cubicle, BUT in my marathon plan they also mean rest days.

This morning I slept in 30 minutes later then normal and spent 45 minutes practicing yoga and pilates in my living room. It felt great to stretch my body while strengthening my core.

I feel I need to address a comment I received on Monday in which someone asked whether I believed doing a work out on my rest days was really beneficial in the long run and I have to say ‘Yes, I do.’ I love to wake up to some movement so days that I am not running during my marathon training I plan to either cross train with weights or get a good stretch through yoga.

Last month Runner’s World had a great article inside entitled ‘Your Best Rest’ covering the idea of active rest days. It encourages getting off the couch on your ‘recovery days’ and performing light exercises to keep the blood flowing. You want to keep the muscles loose and ready to go when you plan to run again, but also giving them a rest from the pounding of the pavement. The article suggests easy cross training, yoga, eating smart, massages and turning in early on rest days.

Angela wrote a great post referencing the article and her views on rest days. I would suggest popping in and reading her post as our approaches to rest days differ. While I can’t sit still for the life of me, she enjoys her couch time. Which I believe goes to show you there are NO Right or Wrong answers here.

Oh wait, there is a right answer… listen to your body!

If my body is beyond exhausted and not willing to do a thing, then damn it I listen to it and sit my butt on the couch. But if its healthy and happy then I enjoy my active rest days and fit in the weights and yoga I am unable to find time for on my running days. :)

Now on to breakfast.


Kath’s idea of a Smoothie in a Bowl (SIAB) looked pretty genius to me, so of course I had to replicate this one my self.

This morning I got out my blender and created a very simple smoothie of

  • Frozen fruit mix
  • Fat Free Milk
  • 1/2 a packet of orginal Amazing Grass

I heard the original Amazing Grass can be a bit potent and I am happy to report the 1/2 packet approach was the perfect amount.


The smoothie went in a bowl rather then a cup and was topped with Granola, Awesome Almonds and Almond Butter.


Eating the smoothie in the bowl felt perfectly normal. In fact it almost made it more filling then drinking it from a cup. The spoon forced me to eat the smoothie slowly instead of sucking the whole thing uncontrollably from a straw in 2 minutes flat.

I also enjoyed the crunch and variety of the toppings. The SIAB concept is another KERF winner!

Time to get my Friday on!

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