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Derek Runs 4 Miles

by Meghann on September 27, 2009

After waking up early, running a 15k, driving to Tampa, watching the Noles lose and posting a monster recap yesterdayI was exhausted!

Derek and I crashed for a nap just before 6:00 and when I finally woke up it was nearing 8:00 and dark outside. I guess my body was really craving sweet.

We both weren’t in the mood for anything fancy for dinner, so we just ran across the street to Tijuana Flats for some quick burritos.


I’ve seen Tijuana Flats popping up everywhere lately, but have never been to one before. I was surprised to discover the chain was started in Orlando by a UCF student. Orlando represent!


For my meal I ordered the Regular Veggie Burrito with everything but the sour cream in a Whole Wheat Tortilla and some Guac on the side.


It was refreshing in the world of burrito chains to be able to order a small burrito.


I really liked it and would happily return.

Derek was craving Ice Cream so we stopped at Publix on the way back and picked up some Frozen Yogurt Moose Tracks.


I had a small cup’s worth with strawberries on top.

I think I may have over did it on the sweets yesterday. ;)

I ended my evening by passing out watching Ghost for the first time. Can you believe I had never seen it before?

This morning I dragged Derek out of bed to complete a 4 mile training run for our 10k in 2 weeks.



Derek started out great and ran the first 2 miles without stopping at a 10 min pace, but then his body sort of gave out. My heart went out for him as he struggled to complete the last two miles, which we mainly walked.


Poor baby. :( His legs and chest hurt and he said he felt like he was going to throw up. I trued my best to encourage and distract him to finish, but I think at the end he wanted to hit me.


Towards the end our run I was explaining the Run & Walk Galloway method. I think that might help spread out his energy. I plan to stay by his side the entire 10k and even if we walk the majority of it, I know he can do it and I plan to tell him that along the way.

To help distract him, Derek and I discussed breakfast. He really wanted a big Omlette from First Watch. So we headed there as his post 4 mile run treat.



I started with a Hot Tea.


Derek and I both ordered the Greek Fetish Omlette.





I made a few changes…

Egg Whites instead of Whole Eggs


Fruit instead of Potatoes


and English Muffin Dry with Strawberry Jam.


Oh and Derek also ordered a huge Blueberry Pancake that I stole a piece of. :)


Look how he’s all smiles now. :)

Derek is frustrated right now with running, but he is also determined not to give up. I really admire that about him. I gave him the option of the 10k or the 3k and he selected the 10k. We still have 2 weeks to get his endurance up and I’m crossing my fingers the galloway method will help him out.

Here’s wishing Derek luck as he starts counting down his training days!

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