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by Meghann on September 8, 2009

After such a wonderful weekend and start to my morning, I was really taken a back when my supervisor informed me she was not so lucky. Her and her son made a 15 minute Dairy Queen run on Saturday evening only to return to a disheveled, ransacked house. Turns out 15 minutes is all it takes for burglars to rob you blind.

They took all her family’s electronics, including her work lap top! They even found the boxes to her Iphone and Mac Pro and stole those too! Craziness.

At my parent’s house we have a problem with bums stealing change from our cars if we leave the doors unlocked. One time they even managed to get away with my Mom’s wedding rings she had left in there on accident. Up in Tallahassee a neighbor of mine was robbed and my sister’s place was robbed, not once but twice! Both times during holiday breaks. We tend to forget how scary of a world it really is out there.

I’m taking this as a reminder to always lock my doors and take nothing for granted. My supervisor thought she lived in a safe neighborhood, but this one incident has changed her mind completely. It sucks to not only be robbed of your possessions, but your sense of security.

Have you ever been robbed before?

Needless to say it has been an interesting morning around here. While hearing my supervisor’s tale I had a Kiwi.


Which I ate Apple style.


I have to be honest. I actually enjoy eating the chewiness of the fur.:)

The kiwi really filled me up.

Noon rolled around and I was not hungry at all.

12:30 came and I thought this is really strange, usually I’m starving.

Finally around 1:00 I had a little hunger and I decided to just got ahead and eat.


I packed my lunch today because I have plans of leaving early and spending time babying Maddie after I am able to pick her up.


I went with my favorite packed lunch wrap of Almond Butter, Carrot, Spinach and Dried Cherries.


On the side was some Taboule.


With a little Bubbly.



There has still been no word from the Vet. :/

I’m not exactly sure what time Maddie was suppose to have her procedure done, but I plan on waiting another hour before I call to check in. Hopefully they will beat me to the punch. I can be very impatient sometimes.

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