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Trader Joe’s Raw Crunchy Almond Butter

by Meghann on August 21, 2009

Goals for this weekend:

  • Finalize Marathon Training Plan
  • Clean Apartment ( I may or may not still have an open suitcase spread out in my living room)
  • Try to teach Maddie to poop and pee outside and not in the living room
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market
  • Go to the Beach
  • Attempt to make the Almond Butter Bites
  • Ride the new Roller Coaster at Universal
  • Spend time with Derek

So much for a relaxing weekend, right? I have a severe problem with trying to do as much as I possibly can. Anyone else have the same problem?

Luckily, Maddie had no problem sleeping last night. I did the trick of shoving her under the blanket when ever she woke up and that seemed to work. I was able to wake up refreshed and renewed.

I took it nice and easy on my 6 mile run. I don’t know why, but speed has not been my friend lately. My legs are just preferring slow and steady for the time being and I am just not going to argue.

I was looking forward to breakfast because it involved my new little friend that finally made the trip home from Boston.


Kath had found my run away jar of Almond Butter under her bed when I noticed it was was missing from my suitcase and kindly shipped it to me. Thanks Kath!

I smeared some of the AB on 1/2 of a bagel and had Apricot Preserves on the other.


I also had some on the side to dip 1/2 of a Peach and Cantaloupe in.


The full plate.


This is my 2nd or 3rd attempt at raw nut butters in general and in my honest opinion it was nothing special. I will continue to eat the jar and see if it grows on me, but raw butters are kind of bleh. I was hoping after all the raves this one would be different.

From now on I think I will stick to my roasted unsalted jars of nuttiness. At least I gave it a shot. It’s just a personal preference. :)

What about you? Do you prefer raw nut butters or roasted nut butters? Chunky or Creamy? I love chunky!!

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