Monday, August 3, 2009

A New Friend

by Meghann on August 3, 2009

First of all I can not thank everyone enough for the out pouring of support in my time of need.

Abbie was one of a kind and it brings a tear to my eye knowing how many people she touched in her short life. She loved being on the blog and always made sure to find her way into the countless photos I took for it. She was such a camera hog, just like her Mommy. 😉

The past two days have kind of been a blur. Yesterday involved a lot of chocolate and healing. We laid Abbie to rest in my parent’s backyard next to our Boxer, Rover, who passed away when I was in high school. It is a lovely site that faces my parent’s large open yard. She loved to run around my parent’s yard and I know she will be very happy there. Now her and Rover can look on as Scooby and little Oliver continue to roam the space.

I did make it to work today, but I did not last long. Having to tell everyone the sad news was much too emotional for me. My boss encouraged me to go home, but I just couldn’t go home alone. Instead I started researching new friends.

Seeing all the puppies made me happy. I knew all of these little fellas needed homes and I just happened to have a home all ready for one. I found a breeder that seemed to fit my criteria, so my parent’s drove the 2 hours to Ocala with me to see if we had a match.

I teared up as soon as I saw all the Jack Russell puppies ready to be adopted. Abbie would have loved it, she always had a soft spot for fellow Jacks.


After an hour of playing with the pups and going back and forth, one little girl just kept drawing me to her. She was very shy and timid, but could still keep up with her brothers and sisters. She was the puppy for me.

Meet my new little friend.


She is a 14 week old Jack Russell Terrier who is ready to take on the world.

My parents and I spent the whole drive back to O-Town trying to come up with a name, but nothing has stood out yet. I’m going to give it a couple of days and see what comes to me when I need to call her.

It has been a very emotional couple of days. Who knew life could change so much in just an instant? A new adventure has begun and I am ready to take it on.

I promise regular blogging will continue tomorrow. Good night everyone!

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