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A Hangry Morning

by Meghann on July 29, 2009

I had an appointment today to get my haircut at 10:15. (I just got a trim, no big deal) I left the office around 9:45 still full from breakfast, so absentmindedly I left my midmorning snack at my desk. BIG MISTAKE.

Flash forward to halfway through the cut when my stomach is very loudly growling and I am casually checking my watch every five seconds. I sat very patiently while the nice girl finished, but I could feel my blood sugar dropping and the hangry girl inside of me coming out. I felt so rude rushing out of the salon with barely a smile and a thank you, but I needed to eat!

Whole Foods was on my way back to work so I ran in and got some Hot Bar food to go.


I filled my container with a few hot selections, but the bulk of the container was a nice spinach salad with fresh veggies.


I grabbed one of my favorite Moroccan Mint Green Honest Tea as well.


As you can see I was STARVING and wiped the container clean with my pita wedge.


The 1.14 lbs of food was gone in less then 10 minutes and I still feel hungry. I just popped in a piece of gum and am chugging some water in hopes that my stomach will catch up with my head before I start snacking the afternoon away.


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