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by Meghann on June 26, 2009

Wow is all I can say about last night’s registration.

At exactly 8:00pm EST last night hundreds of dedicated bloggers and readers tried to head to our PayPal link at once. This caused the system to crash and my inbox to quickly fill with hundreds of people freaking out that the link was not working.

Luckily the system did rebound and those lucky enough to hit the payment button at just the right time were directed to the proper registration form. It was a very stressful time 20 minute window.

Unfortunately when the system crashed people were finding other ways to send us the $30 fee and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Those who registered correctly before the event sold out will receive an e-mail from me later today confirming your registration.

We are so sorry if you were one of the ones who were not able to make the cut, but with such an overwhelming response we hope to secure more sponsorships next year and plan for a bigger and better summit!

And those who were lucky enough to get through I can not wait to meet you in Boston! :)

Needless to say my head was so wound up on with all the things I need to do today that I could not get to sleep last night. Finally I tuned my AC down to 70 (I sleep better when its cold and I’m snuggled in a blanket) and passed out listening to the gentle hum the air blowing on me.

I knew I needed to get a good night’s sleep because I was meeting Caitlin and Megan for a run this morning!

We ran a 4 mile in and out at a 9:30 pace. It actually helped to run with the girls and get everything off of my mind that was keeping me up last night. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent! :)

Caitlin was so sweet and set up up a breakfast buffet for us.


There was watermelon, blackberries, and plain yogurt.


Which all went great with the PANCAKES I had personally requested. :)


My plate.


I LOVE yogurt on pancakes. Yum Yum!


Such a great way to start off my Friday. I hope this becomes a Friday tradition! :)

I have a lot of work to do now, but am so ready for the weekend!

Woo hoo!!!!

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