Friday, April 24, 2009

Planning Success

by Meghann on April 24, 2009

I truly believe I have found my calling as an event planner/ coordinator today. All of the months of hard work truly paid off as the first day of our conference was a complete success. 🙂


My morning work began this morning at 7:15am where I was in charge of the registration table for all the stragglers who were unable to join us for the welcome reception last night.


We had a breakfast buffet set up in our ballroom with plenty of great hot breakfast choices as well as fruit and pasteries.


I was really just wanting Cereal and Yogurt. I miss it so much when I don’t have it! Last night Caroline was kind enough to stop at Whole Foods so I could pick up a Vanilla Chobani to enjoy for breakfast.


I had one of my prepared cereal mixes wit the Chobani.


In the mix I had 1/3 cup Kashi Honey Sunshine, 1/2 cup Kashi Strawberry Fields, and 1/3 cup Go Lean Crunch. It was seriously the best thing I could have asked for.

I grabbed a bowl of fruit from the buffet to enjoy as well.


I litteraly ate my breakfast little bites at a time as I stood for close to two hours signing people in. It was exhausting!

When we finished registration it was my turn to run around and make sure everything was moving along as it should be. It felt really good to have all the hotel contacts see me for any problems or any questions. I felt like this was my time to take charge and manage any little details. I wanted to make sure I was the best assistant my supervisor could have on site.

I worked up an appetite running around and had a TJ’s Fig Bar I had stashed in my pocket.


Lunch was a sit down where our staff was able to Network with clients. I only worked up the nerve to take a quick single photo of all my food, which I am happy to say came out looking alright.

We started with a simple salad of Greens, Red Onions and Tomato.


I had a teaspoon or so Balsamic Vinergerette on top, but I have to say the salad was a little like eating air. I also had a white roll on the side.

For the main course I had the Vegetarian Risotto option.


My supervisor gave me the honors of selecting the vegetarian options for the conference. I have to say I had a good pick with this one. Not sure what was in it beside some veggies and cheese though.

Dessert was actually pretty yum.


It was a conconut covered mousse cake of sorts and I swear it tasted like a Pina Coloda. It was very yummy. I ate half and had to sabatoge it so I would not finish it off.

THe rest of the afternoon was filled with break out sessions, which luckily besides checking in on them periodically I was provided with some down time.

We had a 15 minute break around 2:00 and brought out snacks of Popcorn, Pretzels and Candy.


Everyone went CRAZY for the candy stuffing thier purses with extras. I really wanted to try a bite of everything, but not be suckered into eating a full meal. So, I had a bite of Kit Kat and Pretzel from a co-worker and a couple of pieces of Popcorn as well. It was the perfect amount of bites to get the taste, but not feel over board.

The rest of the afternoon was a breeze and once the last of the clients were satisfied and all the equipment was locked up I was free for the evening. Caroline was gracious enough to drive and pick me up for a quick run to the store of my dreams.


I finally made it to Trader Joes!!! We were on a time crunch, but I did get a trip around the store in and manage to fill my basket with lots of goodies.


I seriously could have spent hours deciding what to get and I was not flying home on Saturday I would have bought so much more!!!


I couldn’t wait to try my goodies so in the car I immediately broke into the Peanut Butter Pretzels.


OMG these things were great!! Yum! Yum! I had a small handful and could have dove back for way more.


Instead of going for more I decided to try the Dark Chocolate Covered Chile Spiced Dried Mango.


It was GROSS! I am not a fan of the chile spices on the chocolate. Oh well.. I guess you can’t win them all.

I was on my own for dinner so I headed to a cute little cafe right around the corner from my hotel.


I have honestly never had a savory crepe before, so that’s what I knew I had to order.


The Chevre & Mushroom filled crepe was amazing! It had so many wonderful flavor combinations that my tounge enjoyed every bite. 🙂


I was attempted to order a sweet crepe as well, but I decided that having one to myself would be a bit much. I was still in the mood for something sweet when I came back to my room so I dug into another Trader Joes Goodies.


I ended up having three of the Cafe Twists. They were so light and airy, the perfect after dinner treat.


I met up with some co-workers at a dueling pianos bar down the street called Sgt. Pepper.


I ordered a Sam Adams Summer Ale, drank about 75% of it then called it a night.


I felt like such a party pooper crashing so early, but sleep is my friend. PLUS I don’t have to report until 8:00am tomorrow so I have time to run along the water again.. Yippee!!! 🙂

Good Night!!

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