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Swim Bike Run

by Meghann on March 14, 2009

Well it’s official… I am a bonafied TRIATHLETE!!


Who says you can’t train for a triathalon in a weekend?!? ;)

(p.s. I sooo do not recommend that at all!)

My morning started nice and early when my alarm clock went off at 5:30. I quickly arose ready to take on the new challenge of the day.

For my first tri fuel I had 2 slices of Pumpernickel Bread.


One half with Cashew Butter and Strawberries, the other with Strawberry Preserves and Vanilla Oiskos Yogurt. They were both yummy combos.

I really had no idea what to expect for my first Sprint Triathalon so I made sure to show up at least an hour a half before the start of the race. I collected my packet, purchased my one day USAT pass, and set up my transition area.


I even got marked up.


The T means I was doing the Tri and the 24 was my age. It was actually pretty cool to have everyone’s age marked on their legs, I kept concentrating on everyone’s calves to see how old they are, it was very interesting. I think we should always be marked with our ages. :)

After I was all set up we headed to the beach to prepare for the swim. In all honesty the swim was the going to be the hardest part in my head. I had only swam once since last September and the was the open lake swim the weekend before.

The night before my parents were gracious enough to purchase me a shortie wet suit so that I could at least be a little warm in the cold water.


The guys left the beach first then all of the women slowly made their way to the beach. It really wasn’t that big of a crowd and the women I was around were all really nice one lady said she was 15 wks pregnant!


When the gun shot it was now or never and I made my first plunge in to the refreshing lake water for my .75 km swim.


My first goal in the swim portion was not to get hit in the head. I heard too many horror stories about too many people striving for first that they will get kicked and drown. I stayed towards the back of the pack that thinned out significantly the further we swam.

Once I passed the first buoy I realized I was at the end of the pack. The hardcore racer in me told myself this is not good, but the more reasonable, already worn out side of me told me I was doing a good pace and would rather keep it slow and steady then drowning before the second buoy.

I hit the second buoy and just made it my goal not to be absolute last. I think I came out of the water with two or three other women behind me… swimming mission accomplished.


I swam the .75km distance in 23:29.127

After swimming I ran the .1 distance on the sand to the transition area.


I was so worn out from the swim, that was the hardest .1 run I had ever completed. Luckily, I plenty of wonderful family members there cheering me on.

It took me 2:07.799 to run that damn .1 miles. :)

Practicing transitions was something that really never crossed my mind.


I had to wash my feet off, put my shoes on, put my shirt on, put my helmet on and run with my bike out of the area. It was a lot more complicated then I had imagined.

The transition took me 2:53.997.


On the bike I took off like a bat out of hell, then my legs got tired and I realized I had to slow it down just a little bit and that I did have 12 miles to bike.

I passed a few women on their bikes and was thankful for making up ground, but being one of the last out of the water there were periods when I was on my own and was curious whether I was going the right direction or not.

Around mile 6 I have 4 of these PowerBar Energy Gels for mid race fuel.


I was doing great until I started seeing males who were participating in the My First Tri (a race that started about 15 minutes after my division) start to pass me at record speeds. I kept thinking these are such liars and that it was definitely not their first Tri.

Finally I made it back to my second transition area after my 44:12.765 20km bike ride.


My second transition was easier considering all I had to do was get off the bike and start to run.

The transition took me 00:42.015.

Last up was the easier part.. the run. Here is where I knew I could make up ground. My legs felt weak and tired but not as great of a brick feeling as I was expecting. I started passing others who had started walking and tried to bring down my time. I knew I wasn’t going to set any records but I could at least run my 2.75 miles in the woods at a decent pace.

Finally I hit the last turn and fans started to cheer telling me I could do it.


I tried to sprint, but my body was just exhausted and unable to respond.

I hit the finish line with a smile at a time clock at 1:36:44.148 meaning my 2.75 mile run took me 23:18.465.


I was done at this point. Happy to have accomplished something new and amazing.

I could not have done it without the support of my amazing friends and family who awoke early on a Saturday morning to come witness my first Tri.


THANK YOU Dad, Melissa, Caitlin, Derek, Kelly, Angel and Mommy!

They were there shouting me on, running with me through the transitions and just making me know I could do this. Without their support I don’t know where I would be. :)

After the race I had a wonderful Orange to refuel myself.


And my parents were kind enough to set up a picnic for us to enjoy.


I started with about a quarter of a Blueberry Muffin.


and celebrated with a little beer.


mmmm…. beer…

For the main course my Dad grilled up some yummy burgers.


I had a Burger with Ketchup, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado & Onion…. it was quite a beast to eat. I also had a little bit of homemade coleslaw, an Apple and Carrot Chips.

For dessert I had one of Melissa’s Pumpkin Rolls she had brought to share.


Thanks Melissa!!!

The park was great, but I was EXHAUSTED and crashed immediately when I got home. I had a lovely 2 hour nap and am now ready to take on the night.

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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