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Guest Post: Kelly’s Side of the Story

by Meghann on March 12, 2009

Hey to all of Meghann’s Readers,

Not that you all haven’t heard enough of this but it still is important to drill home the important lesson that was learned on Sunday night – Wear a Helmet!

Personally growing up I’ve always hated helmets. I never wore one as a kid riding around the neighborhood. They are bulky and slightly uncomfortable. At the beginning of the spring semester I started riding a mountain bike to school twice a week. I didn’t have a helmet at first but thought it was important that I buy one after I realized how fast I could get going in the hills of Tallahassee.

Product ImageI went to target and bought a $21.99 Bell helmet (Adrenaline M211X). The cheapest helmets were around $16, but they did not fit me very well when I tried them on in the store. I opted for one that was a little more money because it had a plastic adjustable liner on the inside that I could fit to my head shape and size.  I also adjusted the strap beneath my chin tighter because after a few rides I noticed my helmet would slip into my line of vision. Not only is it important to wear a helmet, it is important to wear one that fits properly.

At the time of the accident the car that ended up on top of me came out of no where. One second I was fine and the next a car was in front of me and I only had miliseconds to decide a course of action. I DSCN2622decided to swerve right (which was probably the wrong decision thinking now). This caused my bike to fly away from the car and me to fly to the ground under the car. I must have landed on my back because that’s where I feel impact pain.

The car then ran over my whole right side including my leg, hip, shoulder, arm and head. I remember the car running over my whole body, but I specifically remember it going over my head. 

I was in an extreme amount of shock right after the accident and I remember wondering if my brain was working and hoping I didn’t have brain damage. After an ambulance ride, a helicopter ride, x-rays of my whole right side, and a ct scan of my head and neck I was cleared to leave the hospital that DSCN2604night feeling weak, extremely nauseus, drugged, and with lots of deep bruises. I have been called rubber woman, wolverine, and a certified badass. But without my helmet I would be none of those things. We all know I wouldn’t be here without it. I will treasure those broken pieces of helmet forever.

On Sunday I was only 15 minutes and 4.28 miles away from home when the accident happened so don’t think you are immune because you aren’t going very far for very long. Even a leisurely bike ride deserves a helmet. It is worth a million times over to feel a little silly and pay a little money to have your life. DSCN2614

Many people have asked me if I will keep riding my bike and pursuing outdoor activities. Of course I will! I think for now I will keep to designated bike trails that are away from cars. I will run as soon as my body tells me I can. I love to exercise and am not one to just sit around. I like to keep active and enjoy my life. If anything I will be coming back with a vengeance. I want to be stronger than ever before. I eat healthy and exercise because I want to live a long fulfilling life.

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