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Happy Birthday to Me!

by Meghann on February 8, 2009

Who hasn’t heard the stories of their birth a million times?

As many times I have heard them it never gets old. Here are some fun facts of the day of my birth 24 years ago.

  • My twin brother and I were actually due on Feb. 2nd!
  • My mom was 20 when she gave birth to us
  • I came of the womb via c-section exactly one minute before my twin bro
  • We were big twins… my twin bro was just over 7 pounds and I was just over 6
  • My parents swear I was born at 8:15 pm, but my birth certificate says 8:15 am
  • The original spelling of my name was Meghanne but the e as cut off on the birth certificate and my mom just kept it that way
  • We are the grand children and great grandchildren on my Mom’s side of the family. My Grandmas was only 36 when we were born!
  • We were born in the same hospital as my Dad had been 22 years earlier
  • Not only do I share a birthday with my twin brother, but I also share it with my cousin Debby, who is exactly 2 years older then me and still jokes how she spent her second birthday waiting at the hospital for us to be born

I could hear all of these stories over and over again and each year I swear I learn something new. Birthdays are just so fascinating!!

Birthdays through the years (well at least the years I have them on my computer!)

2005 – I turn 20 and pierce my nose!


2006 – I turn 21, Risky Business Waltz and Sky Diving!



2007 – I turn 22 and celebrate at Disney



2008 – I turn 23 and my family rents a cabin in Georgia for the weekend


2009 – I am now 24 and spent the week celebrating with my family in Colorado!


This morning I put on my running shoes for the first time in a week and set out for a birthday run. I started out slow, but I could tell my body was hating me for taking a week off, it was refusing to get into my running groove. After a mile my side was cramping and I had to stop and walk it out. I started again and went another mile until I reached my running groove. Oh I how I missed that groove! It wasn’t until mile 3 did I realize I forgot my Ipod… its funny it took me that long to realize I was running with out my ipod crutch. I just let my thought run wild and enjoyed the silence. I completed 5.12 miles, not bad considering its been over a week since my last run!

We had no fruit in the house this morning for my birthday breakfast! I managed to grin and bear it as I pulled this mix out for Birthday Scones.


I had this scone and then another one just a little smaller with no sugar added Apple Butter.


It was a great breakfast, but missing fruit!!

I’m still going back and forth on what to do for the rest of the day, but I do have a special dinner planned tonight with friends at Seasons 52 that I am looking forward too!

Oh yeah… HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!! (Can’t forget it’s the twin bros birthday too!)

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