Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am stuffed! It has been a great birthday with great eats, but I think I am ready to get back on the healthy wagon tomorrow with a regular eating schedule and food choices.

For lunch we went to my Grandmother’s neck of the woods and ate at a cute little resteraunt near the water.


I figured since it was my birthday I would enjoy a Mimosa with my lunch. I definitely had a ‘Why Not?’ mentality today.


For lunch I ordered the Walnut and Blue Cheese Salad with Grilled Salmon on top.


The salad was wonderful. Along with the Walnuts and Blue Cheese, the salad had Pimentos, Capers, Tomato ,Cucumber and onions… Yum! I also had Raspberry Vinegaratte on the side for fork dipping.


Even though I tried to deny it, the waitress brought out Chocolate Mousse to celebrate my birthday.


I split the plate with the table.


After lunch we celebrated my birthday more with a wonderful Cupcake Cake my little brother’s girlfriend, Ashley, made me.


It was yummy Chocolate with Vanilla Icing.


I forgot to take a picture of my actual slice, but I did enjoy a sliver.


TIme got a way from me as I was saying good be to my family and I ended up not making it back to my apartment until after 5:00 and my birthday dinner started at 5:30! I rushed as fast as I could, but I ran into a dress diliemma and ended up applying my make up on the drive to the resteraunt. I hate to say it, but I was a tad late. Besides that dinner was wonderful.

I reserved the back patio at Seasons 52 for my birthday dinner. It was one of the best birthday dinners. I had an amazing mix of friends surrounding me that really made me feel special on my birthday.


Friends (from left to right): Shannan, Christie, Mitch, Matt, Jessica, Me, Kristien, Caitlin, Ryan, Lindsey, & ROss.

Caitlin and her Huz started me out with a great glass of Champagne from a Winery they visited on their honeymoon (How cool is that?)


It was was perfectly dry and bubbly, I loved it!

While the bubbles were going to my head, I opened my wonderful gifts.


It’s funny as I was opening the gifts of different Bars, Gummies, and Road ID Gift Certificate, my non-blogger friends were staring in curiosity and had me explain what each thing was. LOL Love you guys!

Thank you Caitlin, Lindsay and Ryan for my wonderful gifts!

Caitlin’s gift came with a bow that I proudly wore the rest of the night. ๐Ÿ™‚


I decided to go all out on the main course for my Birthday Dinner and ordered the Grilled Rack of New Zealand Lambred bliss potatoes, asparagus, balsamic onions and Dijon sauce.


It was wonderful and so out of the ordinary for me. I enjoyed every bite.

When dessert came I’m pretty sure the table applauded.


I decided to go with the Red Velvet Cake and Raspberry Cannoli options.


They lit a candle and sang Happy Birthday. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I am the only person in the world who loves having Happy Birthday sung to them!


It was a WONDERFUL birthday dinner!! I had my amazing friends from High School, who are still close after all these years and my amazing blogger friends on the other, who have opened up this wonderful new world to me. It was a great melding of my life.

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes. You guys are great and made my day feel so much more special!!

Now don’t forget tomorrow is another big day, at 11am the BLOGGING BAKE SALE begins!!!! GET EXCITED!!!!!

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