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Meet The Bakers

by Meghann on February 5, 2009

The Blogging Bake Sale doesn’t start until Monday, February 9th, but to get the buzz flowing I would like to introduce you to all of the wonderful bakers who have volunteered to donate some of their famous baked goodies for the cause.

I’m not giving away exactly what those goodies are yet, but you can probably guess if you visit their blogs. It’s not just bloggers who goodies are up for sale either, we have a few readers have stepped out of lurkdom to make a difference as well.

So take a moment and get to know each of these lovely ladies. Who knows, this may just inspire you to purchase one of their baked goods. Remember all profits from the Bake Sale go directly to support my Team in Training efforts for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It’s for a good cause people! :)


Tami (Blog Reader)

Tami is a wonderful reader of mine who is determined to make a difference with the fight against Blood Cancers. She is an avid baker and I believe has a recipe for something that is going to be sending a lot of bids flying her way. Let’s just say these treat are not healthy, but by looking at the picture makes my mouth water and all those fears of butter and sugar melt away. I do have three words for you with this one though… Chocolate, Creamy & Marshmallow… got your mouth watering too, didn’t I?


Sammie (Running With a Recipe)

If you are currently not a reader of Sammie’s Blog Running with a Recipe, then I highly suggest you high tail it over there ASAP! Not only is she famous for her morning ‘mess’ of cereal and nut butter goodness, but she is an amazing stay at home Mom to the amazing little ‘D.’ With all the challenges that come with entertaining and feeding the wonderful three year old, she still manages to run countless miles a week, bake healthy treats and stay fueled with creative, healthy and well balanced meals. I can guarantee Sammie’s donation will have been baked with love and if you’re lucky enough to win the bid for Sammie’s treats, there is a good chance you may receive some of D’s famous artwork, which I happen to be displaying proudly at my cubicle at work. :)


Andrea (bella eats [and runs])

My cousin Andrea is quickly moving her way up in the blog world with her beautiful photography of some amazing eats. Each week I am in awww, of all the baked goods she attempts and succeeds at on her blog. With her great success in baking and eating, also comes some great running. After an injury left her on the sideline for a year Andrea is determined to break back into the world of running and is currently training for a 10 mile run in April. I of course wish her the best of luck in her new goal, especially since she is taking the time to assist me with mine. Andrea is donating not one, but a couple of her amazing homemade treats that are featured on her blog. What can I say, good natured and big hearted people run in my family? :)


Heather (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

Heather has quickly moved up to one of my favorite bloggers. She always has something interesting to say and her love for all things nut butter fills me with joy! You should see the fun and creative breakfasts this girl comes up with, they make my cereal look like bird food! She also has an amazing weight loss story that I can relate to. And her personal stories of all things food and running related draws me in. She was a running addict for 7 years, but now focuses on a well rounded approach. And for a brief look into her food philosophy you should check out her Raw Food…with a side of Cheeseburger entry! (a personal favorite of mine) I know she is baking up something special for this sale that I have drooled over on her blog in the past. It promises to be a tasty, delish goodie.  


Mel (A Taste of Life)

If you want to see a great transformation then check out Mel’s blog ASAP. Her before and after photos are amazing! And she achieved that success by simply moving to a healthy approach to eating. It was a five year journey and the blog is there to help her stay on track. Mel also has a big heart and is a wonderful sweet commenter. On the recipe page of her blog, Mel features some great ‘healthified’ baked goods that may or may not be one of the two she is providing for the Bake Sale. ;) You better sign on quick, because I know her goods are going to move quick.


Kath (Kath Eats Real Food)

Here is a blogger’s baked good that I know will be a top prize. Kath is of course a wonderful baker herself, but here’s the kicker, it won’t be one of her goods up for grab in the bake sale, ooh no, it will be one of the Husband’s! That’s right Kath’s Husband has agreed to take time from his busy schedule to bake something special for the highest bidder. We are all well aware of The Husband’s how to guides for all things bread, bagels & buns but you know whats even better then that, one of those famous goods from the famous baker himself. But what oh what will he make, why that you will have to wait and see, but I rather think the readers out there are going to enjoy this one. ;)



Who out there doesn’t love VeggieGirl? Not only is she kept busy with school and dance, but she manages to find time to comment on every post to almost all of the food bloggers out there! How insane is that? But that’s why we love her! Well, that and her amazing vegan baking skills! A couple on months ago I had the privilege of sampling a batch of VeggieGirl’s Pistachio Pear Ginger Blondies and let me tell you, these babies arrived fresh and moist and we so delectable and delish I craved one every night. Trust me if you are the lucky purchaser of her baked goods, you will not be disappointed. I mean, Holy Yum! J


Amanda (Blog Reader)

Amanda is a loyal reader who has taken an active interest in my Team in Training efforts for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, as it is a cause that is near and dear to her heart. Amanda’s Uncle is a Leukemia Survivor and it is because of money raised by efforts such as these that he is around today. Take a moment and just think of the countless other family members out there that will have a chance thanks to the money we fund raise in this bake sale. Remember that when you purchase Amanda’s or any other good in the bake sale. You will truly be making a difference!


Stacey (Blog Reader)

Stacey is a graduate student striving to lead a healthful lifestyle. She is an avid blog reader and baker! As with Amanda, my fund raising efforts are close to Stacey’s heart as she too has several connections to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Her boyfriend completed the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon 2 years ago through the Melbourne chapter of Team in Training. Her boyfriend ran and raised the funds in the honor of his father who passed away from cancer 6 years ago. I would like to also run in his father’s honor and know that the money raised in this Bake Sale will make that possible.


Nicole (Another One Bites The Crust)

Before Nicole made the leap to Another One Bites the Crust and moved to NYC, I was an avid reader of her former blog ‘Sweet Potato Pie’ which featured so many yummy looking vegan baked goodies, I had to wipe my monitor clean from drool. Nicole is on her way to becoming a professional baker and you should see all the great Vegan treats she consumes on a daily basis in NYC! If you’re looking for a delish goodie that’s 100% Dairy Free then her goods are going to be the ones you are looking for. :)


Meredith (Pursuing Balance)

Meredith is a wonderful blogger who always has something sweet and encouraging to say. Her treats are sure to be amazing as she is pretty adventurous in the kitchen. She is also currently working towards her masters in nutrition, which I 100% commend her on! Meredith blogs about healthy, yummy, vegan treats that I am sure will bring your family to their knees with pleasure. Be read to drool over this one. :)


Ashley (Sweet and Natural)

Now who doesn’t love all natural baked goodies? Ashley from Sweet and Natural states with pride that all her goods have no added fats, contains only unrefined sweeteners and 100% whole grain flours. These simple guidelines make her treats as nutritious as they are delicious. I have not had the guts to try in her lovely recipes, but had quite a few bookmarked incase I ever feel adventurous in the baking world. I can guarantee though that everything on her blog looks amazing and these treats are going to go fast.  


Sarah (lovIN my Tummy)

Sarah is one of the kindest, sweetest bloggers out there. She is another amazing stay at home Mom, who I truly admire. While raising her beautiful girls she has managed to dive into her new passion of running and smoked my time at her first Half Marathon that she ran last month! As with comes with the territory of being a great mother is making treats she knows her little ones will eat up, yet still be healthy enough where she doesn’t feel the guilt in letting them indulge. In fact, her treats are so good her husbands co-workers pay her to make a batch of treats each week! Her treats are famous over there and will be sure to steal the Bake Sale show!


Gina (The Fitnessista)

Back in October I had the pleasure of meeting The Fitnessista, Ms. Gina, for the first time. She was just as sweet and wonderful in person as she appears on her blog and she came bearing gifts! She gave me a couple of slices of her Whole Wheat Banana Bread and a few of her famous Raw Macaroons. Now, unfortunately I could not eat the Banana Bread, but I could tell you it was Abbie’s favorite go-to treat for a week! I did, however, consume and enjoy the Macaroons and would kill for some more. These babies are amazing and if you are the lucky one who bids the highest for a dozen or so of these raw goodies, then I highly suggest you hide them form others because I promise you will not be willing to share them!


Aimee (The Healthy Lawyer)

I hate to admit it, but before she volunteered for the bake sale, Aimee’s blog was not one I was very familiar with. I had seen her comments floating around but for one reason or another I never had the forethought to click through. When she volunteered, I found it was my duty to stalk her blog and boy am I glad I did! Her eats are all wonderful, creative and well balanced. And she’s a crazy workaholic, which gives her even more kudos for maintaining a healthy eating style. Her treats contain some of my favorite things and I know you will enjoy them as well!


Heather (HangryPants)

I first discovered HangryPants when Heather and Mark had vowed to give up meat for a month and blog about their experience. Ever since ‘Meatless Month’ I have been hooked; following them along on their various monthly experiments, including their most recent adventure in grocery budgeting. Not only do they entertain me with their various antics, but each month I truly feel educated from the research and knowledge they provide while blogging. Heather is also a big experimenter in the world of baking and I was lucky enough this past week to have sampled some fresh baked cookies of her. Let me tell you, these cookies are addicting. So good in fact I packed them in my Colorado snack stash, not being able to bare the thought of having a week without them. Trust me, her baked goods will not disappoint!   


Alexia (Doodle Bug’s Journey)

Alexia is one of those unknown bloggers who always thanks me with every comment I leave on her blog. It always amuses me when she does so because I feel I should be thanking her for the incredible blog she updates on a daily basis. She has a timid, amusing blogging personality with a heart of gold. Her foods are always beautifully photographed and look so tasty. Her baked goods are so good in fact, there is a rumor that her baked goodie is already sold, which just goes to show you how fast these baked goods are going to fly off the page next Monday. Even if you won’t have the pleasure of purchasing her baked good, I still highly suggest you go check out her blog. It’s a good read and worth a click through.


Vani (Fit For Free)

Vani is a fellow blogger whose story really speaks to me. She has struggled with her weight for years and has decided to give up on fad diets and is trying weight loss this time around on her own terms. She is also trying to do it without a gym membership, which speaks to me since I complain on a daily basis how I can not afford one. Her baked good is vegan friendly, which will sure to please many buyers out there. :)


Ashely C. (Blog Reader)

Ashley is a wonderful blog readers who lives around the San Diego area. I hope to have the pleasure of meeting her and several other SD readers when I make that long run in May. She loves the idea of helping people and truly believes this is an awesome cause therefore has donated one of her homemade baked goods that family and friends go crazy for. I have not been able to sample them, but the picture itself is mouth watering. A healthy, convenient on the go snack… what more could a girl as for?


Shannon (Tri 2 Cook)

Shannon is an exceptional baker and cook who is always experimenting with these amazing recipes I would never think to try. All of her dishes look so complicated, yet so beautiful at the same time. She has some amazing presentation skills that I’m sure just means they look as good as they taste. The particular eat she is donating is something I remember eyeing and loving when she originally posted it back around christmas. Its a wonderful goodie that the whole family will enjoy!


Maggie (The Salad GIrl)

When I started blogging Maggie was one of the first regular commenters I had and for that she will always have a special place in my heart. She has also assisted me on my journey to practice Yoga, aiding me with links to free downloads of yoga sessions. She has recently decided to become a yoga instructor herself and I wish her luck on her new journey! Maggie is a sweetheart and I can assure you her baked good will be made with love, just as her blog is.


Ryan (Chasing Daylight)

Ryan is a fellow Florida girl who, I have to admit, was a blog I only started reading when I discovered she attends UF (my twin bro’s Alma Mater). Even though she first intrigued me with her Gainesville address, I kept reading because of her inspirational journey to train for her first 5k and now her plans to complete a future 10k. She is a sweetheart and I can’t wait to meet her when she makes the trip to Orlando for my birthday dinner on Sunday. The baked good she will be preparing involves one of my favorite ingredients, which even though is technically out of season still sounds great to me year round. :)


Victoria (The Idle Loaf)

Now, Victoria has not always been a chef or much of a baker, but after a couple of years of try, try and try again she has seriously stepped up her game. Her blog is filled with amazing, creative recipes that are worth a gander. The goodies she has pledged to donate literally made my hear skip a beat, they look that good! Let’s just say they involve some of my favorite things…. chocolate, cashew, toffee…. Yum!


Jasmine (Sweet and FIt)

Jasmine another new blogger who is a total sweetheart. I love the title of her blog, Sweet and Fit, since it does combine two of my favorite things.. dessert and fitness! It’s always great to see a fellow blogger with a sweet tooth as big as mine. :) Her treats look amazingly delicious and are sure to sure anyone’s sweet tooth. For other sweet treats her blog is worth a click through!


Beadie (What I Ate Yesterday)

Beadie is a long time blogger who went on a temporary hiatus, but is now back with a vengeance with her new blog, What I Ate Yesterday. She has another successful sorry on changing your eating habits can really make changes for the best. ANd you should see her pictures, this lady is gorgeous! :) I welcome Beadie back into the blog world and am so thankful for her participating in the Blogging Bake Sale.


Caitlin (Healthy TIpping Point)

Last, but not least, is the wonderful Caitlin! Caitlin is the most caring, sweetest person you will ever meet. She is not afraid to tell it to you how it is and is always right there on your side when others are bashing you. I have had the pleasure of meeting Caitlin through the blog world and so many months later we’re BFFs. Caitlin’s donation for the baked sale is another baked good that my be out of season, but as I always say something that has great taste never goes out of season. I’m sure her goodies will sell quick and if you’re wondering if they’re good, I have first hand experience to tell you YES they’re good!

That’s it! All these lovely ladies have promised to donate some yummy creations that I am sure are going to go quick! So stay tuned on Feburary 9th at 11am EST for the official start of the First Blogging Bakes Sale with all proceeds going directly to my efforts with Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Saturday I will post the Rules and Logistics for the Bake Sale, so stay tuned for that entry as well!

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