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A Very Cold Race

by Meghann on January 24, 2009

We Came, We Ran, We Froze!


It was a very chilly 40 degrees when the gun shot off for the Seasons 52 Park Avenue 5.2k this morning. Despite my frozen muscles and burning lungs I still managed to cross the finish line at a respectable 25:56 for the 5.2k distance.. I’m still waiting for the official chip time of the 5k distance that will hopefully be posted this afternoon! :)

This morning my alarm went off at promptly 5:30am and I jumped right out of bed to let Abbie out. I was not feeling to happy about having to race when I walked outside and could see my breath. It was freaking cold and was not the type of weather I had done any speed training in the past week. Instead I had stuck to the indoor treadmill, which looking back might have been a mistake on my part.

I managed to dress in my warmest running clothes and hope for the best.

For my pre-race fuel I had the new White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Clif Bar.


I have heard some great raves on this bar through the blog world and was excited to try it.


It was probably the richest clif bar I have ever tried. You could really taste the chunks of white chocolate interspersed through the bar. It was really good, but I think next time I would break the bar in half and eat it on 2 separate occasions rather then overindulging in all the richness of the bar at once.

Melissa and I met Caitlin at the race site before the sun rose. We were all freezing so we decided it would be best to keep warm in the car before the race.


We kept nice and toasty until just before the race started when we decided to meander our way over to the start.


We hopped into the 8 minute mile shoot and waited for the countdown. We bounced and danced to keep our selves warm, but when it comes to cold weather us Floridians just turn into big babies!

Finally the gun fired and we were off… well the people at the beginning were off and we slowly made our way to the start about 30 seconds after the time started.

My goal was to get out of the crowd of people and find my pace. I gunned it and found an open amount of space where I attempted to hold my top speed in hopes for a new PR. I loved having my Garmin on me so I could gage where I was pacing, I started at a 6:30 pace and fell into a comfortable 7:45 when I crossed the first mile around 7:30.

It was cold and my body was not used to the weather, my breathing got harder as my lungs started to burn from the intense freeze. I was not expecting this nor was I prepared. My speed started slipping half way through, just had it had done in my previous 5k. I gunned it to hard in the beginning and was now struggling to hold that pace. Damn it! Not again!

I pushed it through, but I could still feel my pace slipping, I didn’t even want to check my Garmin to see where I was at, my only thoughts were to not stop. I passed the second mile marker at 15:40. I was still in the game if I could just hold on.

At this point I knew Caitlin and Melissa were somewhere behind me and honestly I kept waiting for them to pass me. I knew as long as I was still ahead of them then I was reaching my goal. :)

I started to watch the increments of miles click by on my Garmin 2.67….2.81..2.9… sooo close I told my legs to just move a little bit faster.

I passed the 3rd mile at 24:23 and was thinking in the back of my mind if I gunned it then I could PR it, but my legs never moved.

The race was a distance of 5.2k but they had the 5k distance marked off with a promise of posting the 5k time results online. I hit the 5k marker and slowed to a jog which is the exact moment when I saw Melissa come up beside me and pass me by. We must have passed the 5k mark at the exact same time, I’m interested to see where our times stand at the 5k distance when they’re posted.

I eventually crossed the 5.2k finish line at 25:56 about 6 seconds after Melissa. Caitlin came up less then a minute behind us.

At the end my lungs were burning so bad I could barely breathe. I was not use to these conditions! I grabbed a Hot Chocolate and breathed in the fumes just to warm my throat. It worked wonders and I drank about half of the Hot Chocolate before I was completely cured.

Caitlin and I with our victory poses.


We were happy to finish at all, both not planning to PR. :)

Of course there was food and I happily ate the provided Fruit Pack and 1/2 Cinnamon Bagel.


I went back for another 1/2 a bagel as we were making the rounds.

While making a second loop of the racing area Melissa and I finally met up with Gina, who had ran the race as well.


It was definitely a Blogger Racing Event!

I was disappointed I didn’t get a chance to meet up with my friend Whitney. Whitney, if you’re reading this I tried to find you, but it was like a needle in a haystack! I hope you kicked booty running today!

Now I am exhausted and ready to shower. THere are talks of baking and sushi making in the future. Also, Melissa has never been to a Super Target so I must show her what its all about.

The race did get me both pumped up and scared for my Marathon on May 31st. Thankfully I am a much better distance runner then speed runner any day of the week.

Also, knowing I will be running the race for such a great cause will keep my pumped and motivated. So keep those donations coming and let’s all support The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as they fight to end the threat of blood born cancers with every mile I run.

Thank you to my old roommate Becca for her very generous donation last night! Its great to know after all these years we still play an important role in each other’s lives. :)

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