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Hurricane Overload

by Meghann on January 18, 2009

I have a confession to make, last night I was not on my best behavior with food and drinks, but boy did I have a great time. :)


My friend Derek, came in from Tampa and we had big plans for a night out on the town at CItyWalk ( a touristy destination by Universal that has some fun bars and night life). Unfortunately he was a little later then originally planned so I made myself a small snack of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with Apple sauce around 5:00.


When he finally arrived after 8:00 we were both starving and rushed to the one of my favorite restaurants at CityWalk, Bubba Gumps.


I love, love love this place, but they don’t have the best healthy options. My favorite thing I always order is their ‘Bucket of Trash’ which is a bucket filled of a fried seafood medley. It is really the only thing I ever get there.


I knew in the back of my mind that I could not just order the Bucket of Trash and feel good about it, so my friend Derek was gracious enough to split the trash and the Pear and Berry Salad with me.


I also ordered a side of Broccoli for the hell of it.


Splitting the dishes was a great alternative to one large fried meal. I still got to eat exactly what I wanted in moderation with some veggies thrown in.

My share of the Salad.


And my first plate of the fried goodness.


Granted, I did return to the bucket for quite a few more nibbles of the seafood and fries.

I also enjoyed a Shock Top with my dinner.


After dinner we walked to the infamous Pat O’Briens. Derek and I both enjoyed our ‘normal’ sized Hurricanes.


THe last time Derek and I ventured to Pat O’Briens we met an amazing group of new friends from Boston who shared the extra large Hurricane with us. This time we met even more amazing people who shared a table with us and kept refilling our drinks when we were looking.


I love the atmosphere in Pat O’Briens. They are famous for their dueling pianos entertainments and last night was particularly entertaining.


We had great seats right by the piano and were able to make numerous song requests and discovered a $5 tip instead of $1 moved your request to the front of the line. :)


I had a blast singing at the top of my lungs and dancing like a fool.


Some point during the night we discovered our new friend’s ability to position her leg behind her head.


I attempted with little success to do the same.


With the unknown knowledge of exactly how many drinks I consumed due to the bottomless pit that was my cup I have to admit I don’t exactly remember getting home last night. There may or may not have been an incident in CityWalk involving myself, a trash can and my dinner. I’m not particularly proud of that moment.

Luckily Derek had a little bit more control then myself and was my DD for the night. That’s a true friend.

I have this uncanny ability after a night of partying a bit to hard of waking up at 7:30am wide awake and ready to roll. I also woke up STARVING, so we drove to my favorite breakfast place, First Watch.


I ordered the Veg-D Out Egg White Omelette, which came with a dry English Muffin and Hashbrowns.


I devoured the entire plate as well as two cup of Hot Tea. I felt so much better after I had that yummy greasy food in my tummy.

Today, my parents are bringing Scooby up as a play date for Abbie. Hopefully I won’t crash and burn before the day is over, we shall see. Have a great Sunday!

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