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Merry Christmas Eve

by Meghann on December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I don’t know about everyone else, but Christmas Eve is the big deal in my household. My Mom has been preparing for weeks for the 50+ people expected at our house at 5:30 tonight! It’s about to get a little crazy around here with all the last minute preparation, but it should be a good time.

I woke up this morning feeling great. The stomach ache was gone and I was excited for the early run I had planned.

I completed the same 11 mile loop I did over Thanksgiving with no problems. Even though I did it without any problems, I could definitely feel a difference between the last time I ran it and when I ran it today. I was much more prepared last time, having completed several longer runs leading up to the 11 miles. Since my half marathon I have slacked a little on the longer runs department and have not run anything close to 10 miles in the three weeks since. Therefore, I took the long run today at a much slower pace, choosing to walk a tad at the half way point. I was more then happy to see the last turn to my parent’s run, thankful I was only running 11 miles and not 13.

Before my run I had a Clif bar to fuel me up.


When I returned my family had already had their fill of breakfast so I was on my own.


I made a scrambled egg omelet with onion, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. I topped the eggs with buffalo sauce and toasted some whole wheat toast on the side.


I also had a big bowl of fruit I had brought from Orlando with me.


The bowl contained fresh pineapple, mango, & blueberries.

It was truly the perfect Christmas Eve Morning Breakfast. :)

Now my Sister is putting me to work to start cleaning, she has been staring me down since I returned from my run. I don’t think she liked the two hours I took to run when I could have been cleaning. oh well.

(WARNING: My Vegetarian and Vegan readers might want to skip this part, it ain’t pretty)

Just to leave you guys with a little sneak peak of how my family plans to go overboard with dinner tonight, here’s a picture of what’s outside.


Yeah that’s right my Dad and Uncles have been building a pig roaster for the last two weeks. They bought a whole pig from the local butcher. I think the idea of cooking the pig is more exciting to them then opening presents on christmas. My Dad started cooking him when I left for my run early this morning. What says christmas better then a whole pig?

Have a great Christmas Eve everyone!!

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