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Holiday Burger

by Meghann on December 18, 2008

I broke down after work today and ran to Borders to buy the fourth Twilight book (Target was sold out). I co uld not even go a full twenty fours before diving into the next book! :) I have to make this post quick so I can get back to reading!!

This afternoon I had an AMAZING snack of Cranberry Sauce and Pineapple.


It sounds odd, but it worked. Yum!

Dinner was a creation I’ve been dying to make all week, I’m so glad to have all of my groceries back so I could finally make it.

A couple of weeks ago reader, Natalie, asked me if I had any idea for ground turkey. So I put my creativity hat on and brainstormed what would be a good signature ground turkey item. Then I thought what pairs better with Turkey then Cranberry Sauce? I present you with Holiday Turkey Burger.


This one was so easy theres really no recipe to it. I just combined 1/4 pound of ground turkey with a generous amount of cranberry sauce and onion then formed a patty and put it on the George Foreman. It was the perfect balance of sweet and savory.


I topped the burger with some spinach and part skim ricotta cheese.

On the side I had a small serving of mixed veggies and some yummy rutabaga fries with ketchup.


I’m still loving the rutabaga. :)

I have an office Holiday Lunch tomorrow so I baked up some of Heather’s Egg Nog Oaties for the festivities.


Her recipe was very easy to follow with very few ingredients. I even pounded two candy canes and added that to the mix for a peppermint touch.

I tested one of the cookies right out of the oven as well as some of Melissa’s Peppermint Bark since I was really craving chocolate.


The cookies were great! So light and fluffy, I wonder if that’s from the egg nog?!?! Bravo Heather on the easy, delicious cookies!

Alright, time to get back to my book!

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