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Filled to the Brim with Happiness

by Meghann on November 16, 2008

Florida State lost to Boston College last night in a pretty sad looking game. :( Good thing this weekend was more then just about Football because at this moment I could probably care less. (Sorry my fellow FSU fans!) I just had such a great time this weekend that a win would have been icing on the cake, but I don’t even really like icing any ways. I like my cake just the way it is!

I started the evening tail gating with my sister and her friends.


My sister and I split a small Mega Veggie Pizza from Mellow Mushroom. I asked for no butter and no mozzarella cheese on my half.


I am obsessed with Mellow Mushroom pizza. All of their stuff is AMAZING! This pizza had all of my favorite toppings and I happily chowed down on all that you see on my plate.

With the pizza I had my single beer of the night.


The Seasonal Full Moon went so well with the pizza. I will need to stock up on this beer when I get home.

For dessert I had a small plate of fruit and a delish Publix Peanut Butter cookie.


Once I was stuffed with great food, I departed from my sister and treked clear across campus to tail gate with my some old college friends.


They had stuff for smores so I snuck a graham cracker and a piece of dark chocolate to snack on.


As the night went on and we made our way to the stadium it was getting progressively colder. Which was odd, considering if you noticed in my photos from last night, we were all outside at an open bar in tank tops. I guess that’s Florida for you.

One of my friends was given free tickets to the game through her work so we all snuck in and sat in the section where those seats were located, they just happened to be great seats right on the 50 yard line.


We were pretty high up and I couldn’t exactly read the numbers on the back of the jerseys, but it was still great to be right at the middle of the field.

The game may not have been going our way (we really need to work of those defensive skills!) but that did not matter to us. We spent the whole time taking a million pictures and trying to recapture the past.


The longer we sat, the colder it got. A couple of friends and I were sporting the hooded look.


At the beginning of the third quarter we decided we could not take the cold anymore and left to watch the game at Chilis. (What can I say we’re all pure Floridians and afraid of the cold)

Once at Chilis we waited for a table and I had my apple that was left over from Panera.


Even after my smorgasbord of tail gating food earlier, I was actually pretty hungry. So I decided to order a cup of Southwestern Vegetable Soup to help warm myself up.


It was a small cup and I also had one of the packets of crackers pictured here. The coup was actually pretty good, it tasted like vegetable chili. It has a nice kick to it that helped warm me up.

As all good things must do, this evening had to come to an end. We left Chilis and said our good byes for the weekend. Our last pic of the weekend.


It was sad to leave everyone. Being together brought back all of these memories of college that I completely forgot about. We really did have a great time together and I forgot about much fun it is to hang out with these girls. In our four years of tight friendship we went through so much and they probably know me better then I know myself. It really made me thankful that I had made such great friends in college and also thankful that those friendships are still holding strong.

Just for fun here is a blast from the past that I dug up this morning of us.


This was taken in April of 2005 during our sophomore year. Its funny too look back and see the clothing choices. What were we thinking? We used to go out almost every night of the week (I have NO idea how we did that!) Good times.

This morning I woke up and did a quick 5 mile run around campus. My IPOD died in the middle so I have no idea the exact time, but I think it was under an hour.

For breakfast I had a 2 egg scrambled omelette with deli chicken breast slices, swiss cheese and tomato. On the side I had half of a whole wheat bagel with red rasberry preserves, some grapes and a hot tea.


Now we are packing up and about to hit the road. Tommorrow is my brothers birthday (Happy Birthday Ben!) So I am heading to dinner tonight with the Birthday Boy and Parents to help celebrate.

It has been an AMAZING weekend and I am just not ready for it to end! :)

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