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by Meghann on November 6, 2008

A few co-workers were gathered at a desk near mine today discussing their weight loss trials. They were talking about different diets, exercise programs and peeing on sticks (to apparently measure fat burning levels?). They were saying what worked and what did not work, why they wanted to lose the weight and how they could not wait to eat normal again.  I kind of just sat back and listened, afraid to chime in with any advice. I wanted to tell them about my blog and success with weight loss, running, and eating But upon listening I decided to not over shadow the conversation and to just take it all in.


Last year I would have been one of those co-workers standing around, considering walking a 5k instead of running it, thinking that eliminating carbs might make me thinner if I stuck with it and maybe even doing more research on those pee sticks. If another co-worker would have came over and told me I needed to start moving and change my basic eating habits to make a difference, I would have laughed and ignored the advice. That solution would be too simple. But the solution is simple and its something I had to discover on my own and it’s a decision my co-workers will have to make on theirs.


There are no quick fixes and no permanent diets. The key to success lies in knowledge of consumption and how our bodies work. I have spent almost a year learning about my body and food and now that I have made it this far I can not go back. My old way of eating does not appeal to me anymore and a week without running seems like a sad week. With this new way of living I hope in another 20 years to still be healthy and strong (even after a couple of kids and a husband). I hope to still be an outsider to those cubicle conversations debating quick fixes. I guess we can only tell in time. But for now I have become a stranger looking in… and still wondering how the pee stick works….


I had to get that off my chest, it was something that was I have been pondering all morning. It really made me think and I wonder if anyone else has come in contact with those conversations as well and it makes them think about things? 

Before I dropped in on my co-workers conversation I snacked on some Kashi Crackers and Reduced Fat String Cheese.



I was actually eating this while a reader was asking me if I was lactose intolerant. It made me smile. J I am in fact not lactose intolerant. I am however not a fan of milk, even chocolate milk. Every time I picture myself drinking it I picture it curdling in my stomach… not very appetizing. L I try to get dairy into my life in other forms, but its spread out few and far between, which is why I try to take a daily calcium supplement to make up for it.


Lunch today revolved around a can of black beans that has been hanging out in my fridge for a bit too long. So what better way to use up some left over black beans, then pouring it over a delish sweet potato?!?!?


I put the sweet potato in the microwave for five minutes and then just topped it with the black beans.


I thought my meal should consist of more then sweet potato and black beans so I put together a simple salad on the side with spinach, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, grapes and mango poppy seed dressing.



For not being that big of a lunch, it was very filling. I feel stuffed right now and am curious to see if I can make it to dinner with no snack. We shall see.




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