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I Did It!!!!!

by Meghann on September 27, 2008

I can not believe I just completed my first 15k and I feel FABULOUS!! There is nothing like that rush you get crossing that finish line after so much hard work. All the training and preperation really paid off, bring on the half marathon!

We had to be at the race before 6:30am this morning! I had a very early start that began with a toasted wheat bagel, almond butter and apple slices.


I knew this meal would keep me full through all 9.3 miles and it did not disappoint.

We arrived at the race site before the sun even rose! I picked up my packet and race chip and met up with Caitlin and her FH.


I was so nervous and excited waiting for the race to begin, there were SO MANY people who were racing with us. When the pistol actually went off it took us a whole other minute to cross the start line ourselves. Luckily they began the race right when the sun was beginning to rise. The early morning sun really made for a beautiful race. The early morning sun also kept the race nice and cool, we had PERFECT Florida weather for this race.

Caitlin and I kept a 10 minute pace for the first 6 miles. I was feeling good and could not believe my stats. We hit every water station and kept each other entertained. After mile 6 Caitlin let me know that she was going to up her pace until the finish. I kept up with her until right before mile 7 and then I knew I had to hold back a little otherwise I wouldn’t make. So while she continued on I fell back to my comfortable 10 minute pace until the finish.

My competitive spirit kicked in at the end. When I hit mile 9 I knew I could not let anyone else pass me and gained this huge adrenaline rush to sprint the rest of the race. I just told my legs to take off and they guided me the rest of the way. It’s amazing what our bodies can accomplish when we give them a little nudge. I happily past 5 more runners as I made my way to the finish :)


My official ChampionChip time was 1hr 30 mins 25 secs….. HELL YEAH!!!

My goal was to finish with 10 minute miles and I manage to squeeze in just below that average! I could not had hoped for a better first time 15k time. Now I have something to improve upon in the future! :)


As soon as I finished I recieved my beautiful metal and Caitlin and I took this picture.


Of course once I was done with the race I was suddenly STARVING!! Thankfully there was plent of free goodies for me to feast on. Right away I snack on this orange and some watermelon. I went back for two more oranges.


Chick-Fil-A was a main sponser for the race so they had plent of chicken sandwiches at the end. I figured I just ran 9.3 miles, I can splurge! This was the bext fried chicken sandwich I have ever had in my life. YUM!


When I finished the race I saw people walking around with little Larabars. I knew these were things they only give away at special events so I was determined to tract them down and stock up! The lady told me I could have as many as I wanted :) I grabbed as many handfuls as I could carry! I’m so excited to try a couple of flavors I’ve never had before.


This race was an amazing experience and I am so glad I ran it. After running my 9.3 miles today I have officially set a new PDR! Now I just have to work my way up to double digits! It meant alot to me to have my Dad at the race and to have great new friend to run with. I hope my half marathon will be as great of an experience as this race!!

Now I think I deserve a nap :)

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