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Welcome To My World

by Meghann on September 11, 2008

After being obsessed with keeping up with all the inspirational bloggers out there I have decided to give a go at it myself. I have to warn you that I am in no way a professional writer and an awful typer who hates to read through things before I send them so you will have to bare with me. I just have so many things I have to say that I want to get them out there in my own voice. Though I am not sure if I can’t stick with photographing everything I eat, I do want this to be a well rounded blog about my life as a newly single college graduate who just moved to a major city. You can read as I try to grasp a handle on my new life in a new job, in a new city, with new friends.  

I am no one special, just someone who got off track on life and am slowly trying to rebuild myself. I was never one for healthy eating or exercise, but I have lately developed a passion for those things. Over the past nine months I have lost a grand total of 25 pounds and I feel fabulous! To read more about my weight loss go to the My Story Section, also to see picture of the before and after go to the Pictures Section where I will embarassingly post pictures through the years of my my weight. You will have to bare with me as I know not all of them are very pretty.

I will leave you with that for now. Tonight I will put up a formal post and hopefully go from there. I can not wait to join the blog community in this new and eye opening way. Stay tuned this is going to be good!

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