We Painted!

by Meghann on October 22, 2014

I feel like after you buy a house, every weekend thereafter is instantly dedicated to the house. We spent over an hour at Home Depot last Friday night finalizing our paint decisions and overanalyzing all of the supplies we needed. Our color of choice was Universal Grey by Glidden.


On Saturday I went for my morning run, we had breakfast, and then Derek put College Game Day on and we got to business.


It actually worked out well that there were some pretty great college football games to watch while we painted, and that FSU didn’t play until the evening. The other games were just interesting enough to have on in the background, and we were already done by the time the FSU game came on (there’s no way we would have been able to watch that game and concentrate on painting at the same time).

Derek and I quickly fell into our respective rolls. He was in charge of taping and the edges, while I took on rolling. Maddie was in charge of watching the couch. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.


It took us the majority of the day (including an additional trip to Home Depot for more supplies) and two coats to finish the living room. Overall I’m really happy with it. The lighter color really lightens and opens up the room.


Unfortunately we’re not done yet. Instead of going crazy painting both the living room and the connecting kitchen (gotta love open concepts!) in one weekend, we decided to split it up. So we drew an imaginary line down the middle and plan to tackle the kitchen in a couple of weeks.

The kitchen is going to be the real beast – all those edges! Yikes!

We had another big purchase this weekend – a new TV!


We invited a few friends over to watch the FSU game on Saturday and sometime around the second Jack & coke (I kid! I kid!), Derek decided we needed a bigger tv to fit the space. He obviously didn’t need to twist my arm. ;)

We plan to mount the TV on the wall and possibly upgrade the entertainment center. We also still need new covers for the couches (I feel like I could dedicate a whole post to my love/hate relationship with the couches), hang curtains, stain the coffee table/end tables, hang stuff on the wall, and redo the floors, BUT those things will come in time.


In the mean time, it’s time to take advantage of that new TV! I still have three more seasons of Gilmore Girls to work my way through! ;)


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